September 18, 2015

I’ll be sitting in death row

until the day that I die,

because they don’t give a damn

about us

So when you see me cry,

no need

to ask why

They don’t give a damn

about us

Only they know

the reasons why

our young children

are afraid to try

Never given

the instructions to fly

They don’t give a damn

about us

Older and elderly

the world on my shoulders

Lawyers disgust me

begging me to trust them

they’re the cause

of this disease

Getting paid

from this sickness

Open your eyes

and see

They don’t give a damn

about us

We are

just another paycheck


they put us to rest

Oh look

at the bright side

the mom, Chevy

and apple pie side

The turn the other cheek

and docile side

Okay then

welcome to

the real side

the rise up out of oppression

with pride side

The I will never give up

and keep fighting side


Education Undervalued

July 19, 2011

Still… so many priced out!

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to be a man of value” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Success in this global zeitgeist is largely established on education, knowledge and wisdom. Treasure all forms of enlightenment, whether formal or informal, as a ladder to a higher quality of life. A productive mind will never be subjugated. Learning and life are synonymous.

Youth are our most precious resource –yet 25% live in abject poverty. Famished children cannot reach their full potential. In the United States, 65% of youth with one parent incarcerated will also end up in a prison cell, while 70% of American youth in Child Protective Services will be captured and caged. Halt the pre-school to prison funnel, and picture tomorrow through their eyes. No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top are insufficient programs which pressure pedagogues to teach to a particular test. Creative and critical thinkers are being constricted. California has the world’s eighth-largest economy, yet ranks 43rd nationally in per-pupil spending.

Arizona has made ethnic studies illegal. Texas has redacted people of color right out of the history books. When teachers and students joined to protest billions being cut from the education budget, 70 were arrested in the California state capitol rotunda. California spends $9 billion on Corrections annually –over $55,000 per prisoner.

If the mind is free to express, analyze and explore, shackles dissipate. Obtaining what is possible requires challenges to the higher self. Knowledge is power. Use it wisely! Education, knowledge and wisdom are not free –opportunity costs. College graduates statistically earn twice as much as those with high school diplomas.

The value of education is not lost on me. I earned my Associate in Arts degree, along with several college certifications in business and general education. This is not my end –it is my beginning. My Bachelor’s degree and post-graduate law degree are in sight. Continue learning for life!

I appreciate and respect your reflections….