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I am an innocent man, languishing on death row inside of California’s Golden Gulag.

With my voice I speak law informally– until I can raise the funding to study law formally and earn my Juris Doctorate. With my pen I write poetry and essays, and am working on my autobiography. Given a brush, I will paint. I enjoy reading and exercise. I love to learn– I am a life-long learner.

I earned my Associate’s degree in Arts, along with various certifications in business.

Education is not free, so I humbly ask that you assist me with defraying the costs of  tuition, books and supplemental items, if you are in a position to do so. At this time, I am seeking a university, for enrollment in a distance-learning program.  I will be extremely grateful for whatever assistance you are able and willing to provide.  Thank you!!

I wear many hats, but refuse to label myself as anything other than an innocent man, wrongfully convicted. This is my fervent struggle for long-overdue freedom…. Will you join me?

For questions: please write.


Donald Ray Young

E-mail : donaldrayyoung@gmail.com

Faceb00k : Donald Ray Young  (feel free to send a friend request!)

Traditional Mail:  Donald Ray Young, P.O. Box E-78474, San Quentin, CA 94974


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  1. Ulla Says:

    Well done…



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