Commercial hunters would capture one pigeon alive, sew its eyes shut, and tie it to a perch called a ‘stool’.  Soon, a curious flock would land beside the ‘stool pigeon’ – a term now used to describe someone who lies to the police for personal gain.

Considering the credibility of the source is the first step in dissecting false testimony.  Does Anthony Lee Wolfe have a history of deceit?  Does he have a reason or motive to lie?  Is the Wolfe a psychotic, sociopath, psychopath and pathological liar?  The answers are codified herein.

Several psychiatrists diagnosed him with a serious mental illness, marked by loss of the ability to test whether or not what he is thinking and feeling about the real world is really true.  The Wolfe is a schizophrenic, with multiple personalities.  He reported hearing voices to his psychiatrist.  The characteristics of the Wolfe’s psychosis are hallucinations, grandiosity, fabrications and aggressive behavior.  Anti-psychotic tranquilizers were prescribed by psychiatrists in order to control the Wolfe; unfortunately, he went off his anti-psychotic medications when he was released from prison.

The Wolfe was an obsequious police informant and ‘Fresno Hoover Crip’ gang member (donned with gang tattoos) before, during and after his April 24, 1995 prison release.  His gang affiliation remains intact today.  Lewd and lascivious acts on a child (his sister), assault on a police officer, escape from jail, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon and burglary are just some of the convictions that the Wolfe accumulated before prison.  While in prison, he was convicted of possessing a weapon made for stabbing (a self-fashioned knife).  After prison, even after the infamous July 18, 1995 tragedy, the Wolfe was caught counterfeiting (1997).  He was convicted of passing counterfeit one-hundred-dollar bills at several businesses.   Staring at a ‘three strikes’ life sentence in California state prison, the Wolfe manufactured evidence, manipulated a jury, and implicated an innocent man.  This travesty was accomplished step-by-step through rehearsals, reenactments and coaching by corrupt and desperate law enforcement personnel, over an interminable period of ten years.

The capital crime in question occurred July 18, 1995 while the Wolfe was on release from prison (as of April 24 of that year).  I did not know this man prior to, or during, this 85-day period.  What I know about him germinates from official documents.  During trial (2005/2006), on the witness stand, the Wolfe was shown a photograph of me fishing, taken in August 1995.  He could not identify me in the photograph.

After copious, contiguous fabrications spanning over three decades, Anthony Lee Wolfe has a new name and undisclosed location.  His new lifestyle is wholly funded by your tax dollars!  The state of California is not protecting its citizens from the Wolfe. Quite the contrary, the Wolfe is running wild, lurking in the Witness Protection Program.

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