By Donald Ray Young

Allow me to introduce you to the Tulare County District Attorney’s star witness against me–at trial– the male who played a central role in my housing arrangement on California’s death row at San Quentin State Prison.  A 320-pound, 6’1″ Caucasian male, with thin, balding, dirty-blond hair and blue eyes,  Anthony Lee Wolfe is just one of his names. False testimony in a capital case comes easily to this well-known pedophile and psychopath.

Let’s consider the character and behavior of the source: Lewd and lascivious acts on a child, or felony child molestation pursuant to California Penal Code section 388(a), would be an appropriate place to start. The trial judge, Ronn M. Couillard, stated that it would be  prejudicial for the jury to know that the prosecution’s star witness, Anthony Lee Wolfe, repeatedly raped and molested Brandy Wright, his seven-year old sister. I knew that it would be prejudicial for the world: not to know the truth about the male murdering me with his fabrications from the witness stand!

Anthony Lee Wolfe was eventually caught raping Brandy, as he was emboldened to do so while their mother, Phyllis Wright, was  in an adjacent room of the house.  Phyllis heard Brandy crying out, telling her of the torture conducted by her older brother, in explicit detail.  The traumatized second-grader struggled on to explain… this was not the first time Wolfe had raped her…. If Brandy didn’t ‘do it’ with her brother, Wolfe would hit her.

Anthony Lee Wolfe devastated and destroyed his own family–I know it’s pathological…. Anthony Wolfe’s father, William F. Wolfe,  is incarcerated in Idaho State Penitentiary for shooting a man to death in a bar. Regarding the child-rape perpetrated by Anthony Wolfe, Phyllis Wright was made sick to her stomach. Seven-year-old Brandy just stared into space–sucking her thumb…. Therapy was the only hope for Brandy and Phyllis to heal mentally and emotionally– and they had to stay far away physically from Wolfe to be safe.

According to his grandmother, Wolfe repeatedly stole from her –then lied about it when caught. Law enforcement records show that Wolfe forged his grandmother’s signature on three personalized checks, and cashed them at stores. The police even caught him stealing money from his grandparents’ neighbor. Wolfe was described as a manipulator who was often caught lying and cheating. Even Wolfe’s mother states, “Wolfe is a lying manipulator who is in great need of psychological help!”  She further asserts that Wolfe is very jealous of the sister he repeatedly raped….

There is no excuse for this Wolfe in sheep’s clothing, or the parties who allow him to bear false witness and destroy innocent lives. Didn’t my jury have the right to know who was delivering the star performance for the prosecution?

One layer at a time–Part II coming soon.